Central College, Bangalore

Central College of Bangalore (1858) is one of the oldest colleges in science in India. This college originally affiliated to Madras University part of Mysore State. In 1964, Central College was transferred to Bangalore University a new university formed to meet the needs of the people Bangalore. Faculty members have made original contributions in the fields of Fluid Mechanics (Mathematics), Organo silicon chemistry, peptide synthesis and organo-metallic chemistry (chemistry), Aquatic Biology and Fisheries (Zoology), tissue-culture techniques for rare plants (Microbiology and Botany), Petrology and Geochemistry (Geology), Highway road research (Civil Engineering), mulberry research (Sericulture), collection of rare Kannada manuscripts and cultural folklore artefacts and translation of significant works of literature from Indian languages into Kannada (Kannada) and in Oral History. Awards include the fellowships from National Academy of Science, Indian National Science Academy, Royal Society Bursary.

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