The Nagoya Protocol provides an international frame work for ABS on genetic resources, including for AnGRFA. The workshop parti cipants recognized that the Protocol allows for specialised international agree ments for specific genetic resources. Workshop participants recognized other i nternational agreements with a general scope that may also have an impact on the international exchange and conservation of AnGRFA, including the SPS and TRIPS agreements of the World Trade Organization WTO and various treaties under t he World International Patent Organization. Currently, the exchange of AnGRFA is mainly regulat ed by the transfer of private ownership (by contracts under private law a nd agreements under customary law) and is in particular influenced by z oo-sanitary regulations. As the implementation of regulations on intellectual prope rty rights and on sanitary issues advance further, these may have an increasin gly significant impact on AnGRFA exchange, use and conservation.
10. Jun 2013
10. Jun 2013