Atlantic and Gulf Rapid Reef Assessment
The Atlantic and Gulf Rapid Reef Assessment (AGRRA) Program is an international collaboration of scientists and mangers aimed at determining the regional condition of reefs in the Western Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. AGRRA is the first and only program that has developed an extensive regional database on Caribbean coral reef condition. Using an innovative regional approach to examine the condition of reef-building corals, algae and fishes, our teams of reef scientists have assessed some 819 reef areas at 39 sites throughout the region. Already our preliminary findings have provided valuable baseline data for scientists and government officials responsible for selecting marine protected areas and maintaining their condition. Over 100 scientists and resource managers have joined AGRRA to conduct capacity training workshops, field assessments, data analysis and prepare results for publication and press releases. The goals of the AGRRA Project are to: Complete the regional assessment of the health of coral reefs throughout the Western Atlantic; Analyze the results and develop a database so as to establish a practical scale of comparative reef condition; and Promote the transfer of this information to a wider audience including the general public, resource managers, government officials, policy makers, tourist operators, and students.
Biology, Climate, Conservation, Development, Ecology, Research
10. Jun 2013
10. Jun 2013