Advanced Informed Agreement
[Erweitertes sachkundiges Einverständnis]
The "Advance Informed Agreement" (AIA) procedure applies to the first intentional transboundary movement of LMOs for intentional introduction into the environment of the Party of import. It includes four components: notification by the Party of export or the exporter, acknowledgment of receipt of notification by the Party of import, the decision procedure, and opportunity for review of decisions. The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that importing countries have both the opportunity and the capacity to assess risks that may be associated with the LMO before agreeing to its import. The Party of import must indicate the reasons on which its decisions are based (unless consent is unconditional). A Party of import may, at any time, in light of new scientific information, review and change a decision. A Party of export or a notifier may also request the Party of import to review its decisions. However, the Protocol's AIA procedure does not apply to certain categories of LMOs: (1) LMOs in transit (2) LMOs destined for contained use (3) LMOs intended for direct use as food or feed or for processing - Source:
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12. Jul 2012
12. Jul 2012