Assessing Climatic change and impacts on the Quantity and quality of Water
[Bewertung des klimatischen Wandels und des Einflusses auf die Quantitaet und Qualitaet von Wasser]
The ACQWA Project (Assessing Climate impacts on the Quantity and quality of WAter) is a large-scale integrating project, with 35 partners and a budget of EURO 6.5 million.The project, initiated and coordinated by the University of Geneva, Switzerland, began formally on October 2008. As the evidence for human induced climate change becomes clearer, so too does the realization that its effects will have impacts on socio-economic systems and terrestrial ecosystems. Some regions are more vulnerable than others, both to expected physical changes and to the consequences they will have for ways of life. Mountains are recognized as particularly sensitive physical environments with populations whose histories and current social positions often strain their capacity to accommodate intense and rapid changes to their resource base.
19. Okt 2011
10. Nov 2011