African Studies Center in Boston
[Zentrum fuer afrikanische Studien]
Founded in 1953, the African Studies Center has provided a strong foundation in African studies to generations of university professors, economists, health workers, government officials, development personnel, diplomats, and others. The centre offers a rigorous academic program to students pursuing degrees in a variety of fields. Over 70 faculty and researchers in 20 schools and departments throughout BU are affiliated with the ASC and offer a wide range of courses with significant Africa content. The African Studies Center is both an academic program and also a vibrant and comfortable gathering place on the Boston University campus, including offices, classrooms, and space for studying and relaxing. It offers a rich and diverse program outside the classroom as well. In the weekly Walter Rodney Seminar Series faculty and students engage with some of the top Africanist scholars. Regular programs such as the African Film Series, Morse Lecture, Graduate Student Conference, and African Language Night offer abundant additional opportunities for scholarly engagement on Africa. Students attending BU with a focus on Africa have an opportunity to take courses at Harvard, M.I.T., Tufts, Boston College, and Northeastern University through consortium cross-registration agreements.
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