Amazon Basin Biodiversity Information Facility
[Einrichtung fuer Informationen über die Biodiversitaet des Amazonas-Beckens]
ABBIF aims at building a decentralized, coordinated data infrastructure for the Amazon region, mobilizing biodiversity data from collections, projects and other scientific activities. A feasibility study to implement ABBIF was carried out in 2005 with the support of The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and a number of meetings were held to confirm the interest of key players and to plan future steps. In the beginning of 2007 GBIF implemented a Campaign strategy for tackling projects of high priority to user groups, funders and Participants. Campaigns were launched as an important new instrument for GBIF to achieve extended societal and scientific benefits with biodiversity data, and go beyond what the GBIF work programme and budget can reach. A proposal to launch the ABBIF campaign was presented to the GBIF governing board by the nodes from Peru and Colombia, in partnership with CRIA (Centro de Referencia em Informacio Ambiental) and INPA (Instituto Nacional de Pesquisa da Amazonia) from Brazil.
Biology, Conservation, Research
Brasilien, Kolumbien, Peru
16. Feb 2006
19. Apr 2013