A software environment for sequence data
[Eine Sorftware-Umgebung fuer Sequenz-Daten]
The rapidly increasing number of available rRNA sequence data and the growing importance of rRNA based identification systems as well as the missing of an integrated package of cooperating software tools for data handling and analysis led us to establish an interdisciplinary bioinformatics group some years ago. The ARB project (latin, "arbor"=tree) is a joint initiative of the Lehrstuhl für Mikrobiologie and the Lehrstuhl für Rechnertechnik und Rechnerorganisation/Parallelrechnerarchitektur of the Technische Universität München. The ARB software is a graphically oriented package comprising various tools for sequence database handling and data analysis. A central database of processed (aligned) sequences and any type of additional data linked to the respective sequence entries is structured according to phylogeny or other user defined criteria.
14. Dez 2005
10. Nov 2011