Agreement on the Conservation of Cetaeceans in the Black Sea, the Mediterranean and contiguous Atlantioc Area
[Übereinkommen fuer die Erhaltung der Cetacea (Walartigen) im Schwarzen Meer, dem Mittelmeer und dem angrenzenden Atlantischen Gebieten]
The purpose of the ACCOBAMS Agreement is to reduce the threats to Cetaceans in Mediterranean and Black Sea waters and improve our knowledge of these animals. It is the first Agreement binding the countries in these two subregions, enabling them to work together on a matter of general interest. It requires the States to implement a detailed conservation plan for Cetaceans, based first on respect of legislation banning the deliberate capture of Cetaceans in fishing zones by their flag vessels or those subject to their jurisdiction, on measures for minimizing incidental capture and, finally, on the creation of protected zones, important for the feeding, breeding and birthing of Cetaceans. This approach combines both the protection of threatened species and the institution of reinforced geographic protection. Governments are also undertaking to assess and manage the interactions between humans and Cetaceans, conducting research and continuous monitoring, developing programmes to inform, train and educate the public and setting up emergency response measures.
Conservation, Research
7. Dez 2003
10. Nov 2011