Weeds Abstracts
Weed Abstracts is a fully searchable abstracts database of internationally published weed and herbicide research. Weed Abstracts brings you the latest information on weed biology, from genetics to ecology, including parasitic, poisonous, allergenic and aquatic weeds. Derived from CAB Abstracts, the orginial applied life sciences database, Weed Abstracts covers all types of weed control in both crop and non-crop situations and the current research on herbicides, including formulations, herbicide resistance and the effects of herbicide residues in the environment. Each week Weed Abstracts delivers all the new highly-targeted, searchable summaries covering key English and foreign language journal articles, reports, conferences and books about weeds and herbicides. Over 10,000 records are added to the database each year. Weed Abstracts includes a fully searchable backfile to 1973. Over 209,000 research summaries bring a wealth of current and seminal research on weeds to your fingertips!
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8. Mai 2013