African Union - ScientificTechnical Research Commission
Formerly STRC-OUA, the AU/STRC action is designed to spearhead the role of science, technology and research in the integration, cooperation and development priority pillar. Areas of priority action include the promotion of research in all field of science such as biology, medicine, basic science, new and renewable and solar energies, training to improve African capacity to address emerging issues on intellectual property rights and also to address those issues of traditional knowledge, folklore and genetic resources; developing a framework for the capacity building of science journalism to better equip the concerned professionals in the writing and reporting of science activities and related information, a powerful tool for the dissemination of needed information to the masses. The formulation of science and technology policy will also be at the forefront of our action with specific contribution to the capacity building of the parliamentarians and decision makers in science and technology. This in turn will yield better output in science and technology policies and increase the chances of improving the financing of science, technology and research within the member states.
Development, Education
20. Okt 2003
23. Mai 2013