Publication Series on Tropical Agriculture by AGROMISA
[Publikations-Serien ueber tropische Landwirtschaft der AGROMISA]
Agrodoks are a series of publications on small-scale agriculture. The booklets are aimed at people who work directly with small-scale farmers in the South. Each provides a theoretical background on a particular topic and then explains its practical applications extensively. All Agrodoks are published in English, French and Portuguese; and some are also translated into Spanish or other languages (Kiswahili, Hindi). They can be downloaded (free-of-charge) in PDF format or ordered from Agromisa and CTA. Agromisa welcomes feedback from readers, which allows us to update the Agrodoks’ content and ensure that the information provided is as relevant as possible. In this way, we can also facilitate the exchange of knowledge among readers.
Agriculture, Education
20. Okt 2003
10. Nov 2011