Inter-American Information Systems for Agricultural Science
[Zwischen-amerikansiches Informationssystem fuer landwirtschaftliche Wissenschaft]
Created 1972, the Inter-American System for Agricultural Science is a regional information system processed by the IICA/CIDIA, which follows the AGRIS basic “territorial formula”. It identified and input publications by various members. One of the principle products is the AGRINTER Indice Agricola de America Latina y el Caribe, which appears in printed form and magnetic tape available to the national centres. Special publications have included a regional Core List of Serials, AGRINTER/AGRIS Selection Criteria, Data Bank of Bibliographies and Criteria for Title Enrichments. An agricultural vocabulary in Spanish has also been issued and is utilized in the AGRINTER system. They developed an AGRINTER Services Network and a computer software system for subject retrieval services. 1975 it was linked to AGRIS under the intergovernmental agreements with the FAO. 1986 the IICA ended ist support for AGRINTER.
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