Advanced Database Linkages in Biotechnology
[Erweiterte Datenbanken Verbindungen in der Biotechnologie]
The factual databases used in biotechnology should be linked together and to literature so that a user can follow a research story by navigating through the contents of related databases. ADLIB will start by creating the environment in which three commercial scientific literature databases can be linked to a variety of factual databases in the public sector. ADLIB will serve both academic and industrial users and will involve academic and commercial database hosts which will be inter-linked with the European bioinformatics community through EMBnet. Different forms of charging will be experimented with to develop suitable commercial scenarios. Scientific, business and directory databases will be added to the demonstration, selecting those specialised or small products requiring support from the commercial sector to see if new ways of gaining use and income can be found. The platform of linked databases will provide a "real-life environment" to examine a number of pressing problems which have been identified in this sector. Expert panels looking at: network and database confidentiality; database quality; the support of Europe's unsubsidised specialised databases; copyright, IPR and other legal matters will be established. A draft will be prepared for a feasible strategy for commercial development of the results once they have been successfully demonstrated. The technical, intellectual and commercial models will be expandable. Further links to other types of databases will be explored once the technical environment has been developed. Eventually ADLIB should lead to a fully integrated biotechnology information infrastructure in Europe.
19. Okt 2003
23. Jul 2013